How to Warm your Knee through Graphene Heating Product Aug 23 , 2021

Summer is coming to the end, Autumn is close to our side. Take precautions, advance preparation, whether this year can be reunited with family, and those who love the mind, also will be seen. The epidemic is never a resistance, not panic, not chaos, easy to face is cool!

Knee is a common part of sports injury, knee injury will not only affect the motor function, daily life activities will be limited. Regardless of the prevention of knee injury, or the protection of injured knees, knee pads play a great role in them.

Starting from the prevention and maintenance of knees, PMA Group integrates scientific and technological innovation and high-tech material Graphene to provide people with a heated knee pad. It can be physiotherapy anytime and anywhere. KULAX Graphene Heated Knee Pad.

The traditional kneepad is to completely cover the knee joint with a certain contraction force, which will form certain pressure on the patella in front and affect the comfort of daily walking. Moreover, the effect is single, and it cannot be physiotherapy and maintenance for the knee. But KULAX Graphene Heated Kneepad, built-in graphene heating film, will release far infrared light wave. The light wave is easily absorbed by the human body and its spectrum is relatively discrete. So on the surface feel warm, local energy metabolism rate will be higher than the surrounding, can accelerate the blood circulation on the body surface, to achieve the effect of physiotherapy, that is, the traditional Chinese medicine said meridians, and blood flow.

In terms of design, it fully follows the human body ergonomics, the curved appearance fits the knee, the kneecap is hollow-out and curled up without foreign bodies, and the running and beating is free. The high elastic band can be stretched up to 78 cm at most, which is suitable for a variety of people's leg circumferences. No matter fat or thin, it can be fitted to the knee for hot compress maintenance.

The kneepad has more than one heating temperature. There are three grades of high, middle and low temperatures to choose from. The high temperature red light is 63-67 ℃, and it is matched with the muxibustion bag. Medium temperature blue light 52-56℃, warm knee hot compress; Low temperature green 41-45℃, daily maintenance. For temperature sensitive people or for temperature insensitive people, can be used.

In addition, the inner side of the kneepad adopts mesh bag design, which can prevent the moxibustion bag, stimulate the knee joints through the heat generated by electric heating, achieve the effect of moxibustion, and do not affect daily activities, and complete moxibustion therapy in walking.

PMA Group deeply knows that the social development is moving forward, and the attention to health issues is getting higher and higher. The young and intelligent will become the development trend of the industry. It not only needs to achieve a totally new breakthrough in technology, but also needs to improve the comfort level while enjoying physical therapy maintenance!

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