Graphene Batteries Are Not Far Off Apr 07 , 2021

Recently, Samsung Electronics released the news that the official use of graphene batteries is not far away. Compared with lithium batteries, graphene batteries are much safer and have better heat dissipation. They will not appear the heating, hot, fire problems because of the temperature rise like the traditional lithium battery . Moreover, they can be filled with batteries of more than 3000mAh capacity in 12 minutes.

In this regard, the market participants generally believe that graphene battery will be the next breakthrough direction of battery technology. As graphene preparation technology drives further large-scale application, the market will enter a period of high-speed growth in 5 to 10 years. In this context, the profitability of the listed companies related to the graphene industry chain is expected to be further released, the industry prosperity continues to improve, and the leading targets with performance support may welcome the overfall and rebound.

In the secondary market, yesterday, the graphene sector rose strongly intraday, growth range up 0.44%, 22 constituent stocks achieve a rise, proportion for 50%. In individual share, China power growth range rank first place, reached 5.00%(3.92%). Tibet City Investment (3.92), Del Future (3.83%) and other individual share have risen more than 3%. In addition, Qingdao Doublestar, Baotailong, Shanshan Co., Ltd, Xinhujin, Luxuriant Family, Oriental Materials, Xiamen Tungsten, Zhonggang International other individual share also have the good market performance in the same day with growth range more than 1%.

In addition to the outstanding performance of the market, the performance of the listed companies in the graphene sector is also generally good, which has become an important driving force for the current advance capital layout. "Securities Daily" market research center according to the flush data statistics found that so far, there have been 8 related listed companies disclosed the results of the third quarter, Yueda Investment (153.63%), Tibet City Investment (31.08%), Kangdexin (17.14%) and Jinzhou Pipeline (2.61%) and other 4 companies in the report period net profit growth.

In addition, there are 18 companies announced the results of the third quarter forecast, performance forecast companies reached 14, accounting for nearly 80%. Among them, New Lun Technology (170.07%), Shanshan Co. (132.49%) and Dow Technology (100.58%) and other three companies are expected to double the net profit in the third quarter of 2018, showing a high growth.

The performance of New Lun Technology is eye-catching. It is estimated that the net profit attributable to the shareholders of the listed company from January to September 2018 is: 30,008,500 yuan to 33,000.69 million yuan. Compared with the same period of last year, the change range is: 145.52% to 170.07%. For the stock, Tianfeng Securities said that the New Lun Technolog is expected to continue high growth in the third quarter, functional material platform into the harvest period. In view of the growth rate of the company's functional materials and the performance of Qianhong Electronics slightly exceeding expectations as well as the adjustment of share capital and other factors, we adjusted the company's forecast net profit from 2018 469 million yuan to 2019 and 647 million yuan respectively (the previous value was 345 million yuan and 593 million yuan), raised the target price to 16.4 yuan, and maintained the "buy" rating.

It is worth mentioning that, as of October 24, according to the disclosed fund third quarter report, the fund held a total of 13 graphene stocks in the third quarter, the cumulative number of shares is 187.369 million, the cumulative holding market value is 1.89 billion yuan. Specifically, the number of shares held by three single-stock funds, such as Gleemei, Kangdexin and New Lun Technology, all exceeded 10 million shares, respectively reaching 82,105,300 shares, 606,688,800 shares and 16.939 million shares. In addition, the stocks held by the fund in the third quarter also include:Tibet City Investment Co., Ltd., Chint Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., Shanshan Stock Co., Ltd., China Power, Magmeet, Zhongtian Technology, Dow Technology, Fangda Carbon, Dongxu Photoelectric, Tongcheng New Material. The above stock market investment opportunities are confirmed by the fund, it is worth paying attention to.

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