What can Graphene Do in the Field of Energy Storage Mar 25 , 2021

Graphene material is not only the hardest material in the world with the highest thermal conductivity, but also the material with the lowest resistance in the world, making it an ideal battery material.At present, graphene battery technology has two major directions, one is as an anode embedded lithium ion, and the other is as a conductive agent.

The importance of graphene to lithium batteries is not only that, as the material with the highest thermal conductivity at present, if the use of graphene for heat dissipation of lithium batteries, the fast charging speed of lithium batteries can be further improved.As early as the 56th Japan Battery Conference in 2015, Huawei showed the technology of using graphene to dissipate the heat of lithium-ion batteries, showing the results of fast charging technology that can fully charge 48% of a 3000mAh battery in 5 minutes.

Not only mobile phone manufacturers are looking forward to graphene batteries, but also new energy vehicle companies that are troubled by their range. Even Tesla, which uses ternary lithium battery, is also looking forward to graphene batteries. But graphene can change this awkward situation. In 2014, someone developed the world's first graphene polymer battery. The electric vehicle powered by this battery can travel 1000 kilometers at most, while the charging time is less than 8 minutes. It can be seen that graphene greatly improves the battery capacity and charging speed.

The large-scale preparation of graphene has been basically solved, but how to establish the application of key fields is still a problem.The current situation of graphene has parallels with the discovery of aluminum and silicon, two materials that have led to huge advances in fields as diverse as aerospace and information technology.The unique properties of graphene are also expected to provide more revolutionary technological advances for mankind.

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