Graphene Chips The Small World of Graphene Jun 10 , 2021

The device units that currently make up modern electronic information technology integrated circuit chips are almost all composed of silicon-based transistors, but they have inherent shortcomes-speed and heat dissipation. In theory, the faster the chip goes, the more heat it generates and the more energy it consumes. The only way to solve these problems is to improve the processing technology of traditional chips so as to shorten the distance of electron transmission. With chips reaching Moore's Law limits and technology beyond three nanometers difficult to break, it is clear that conventional chips are in their final stages of development.

Compared with silicon - based chips, carbon - based chips are superior in hardness, electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity. Carbon-based chips can be said to be the chips with the best thermal and electrical conductivity, the strongest strength and the lightest weight at present. Their performance is more than 10 times higher than the traditional chips, enabling faster data transmission and lower power consumption.

Carbon-based chips have two directions: "carbon nanotube chips" and "graphene chips." As for graphene chips, compared with silicon, graphene is the thinnest nanomaterial, with a thickness of only 0.335nm.It is also hard enough to be 200 times stronger than steel. Graphene also conducts electricity 100 times better than silicon and conducts heat 10 times better than copper.Graphene chips can do less than 1nm. For the same process, the performance of graphene chips will be stronger, the power consumption will be lower.

China has also made some achievements in the field of carbon-based chips in recent years. They include: Beijing University has made a breakthrough in the direction of carbon nanotubes, and has developed a monolithic optoelectronic integrated chip; the CAS team has already made eight-inch graphene wafers and is in steady small batch production.
Huawei has also won a patent for graphene transistors. According to the patent application profile provided, the patents it applied for relate to the semiconductor field. According to experts, graphene transistors will drive the development of China's semiconductor industry after they are put into the market. At present, China's annual output value of graphene wafers is about 300 tons.
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