Graphene helps medical health and opens up a new way of healthy life Apr 19 , 2023

Graphene, known as the "King of New Materials", not only attracts social attention in the fields of electronic products, new energy batteries, and aerospace, but is also regarded as the key to triggering the next medical revolution in the field of medical health.

As a "rare material from heaven", what is the magic of graphene in the medical field? What role does the technical breakthrough of the PMA R&D team in graphene thermal management play in medical health?

Due to its biological adaptability, chemical stability and other characteristics, graphene has always been placed high hopes in drug delivery, cancer treatment and biosensing, and it is also an indispensable part of the industrialization of graphene.

Application in the medical field In medical operations, hypothermia may cause adverse effects such as prolonged wound healing time, increased chance of wound infection, delayed postoperative recovery, and disorders of blood coagulation mechanism. When performing drip infusion, nasal feeding, and enteral nutrient solution input, there are many discomforts.

Taking advantage of graphene's far-infrared heating and other advantages combined with self-developed thermal management system, PMA Group has developed an intelligent system applied in the medical field, which will become the core force to solve the traditional medical dilemma. Combine the graphene heating system with medical equipment to develop heating products that improve postoperative recovery and comfort experience, solve problems in wards and surgery, and provide new solutions for the medical    industry.

Application in the field of health With the improvement of people's health awareness, the demand for healthy life has increased significantly. Health and medical products that use graphene as a heat-generating carrier, the infrared wavelengths released after electrification are similar to the infrared wavelengths emitted by the human body itself, and can be better absorbed by the human body.

Utilizing the excellent electrical and mechanical properties of graphene, PMA Group applies the exclusive developed graphene precision heating film and its heating system to health consumer products, making health products have functions such as health care, rehabilitation, and physical therapy, which are soft, skin-friendly and safe , smart wearable, easy to use and other features, its graphene heating belt, graphene heating knee pads, graphene heating pad for shoulder and neck and other hot compress physiotherapy products are deeply loved by users.

It is worth mentioning that PMA Group is one of the few companies that can complete the entire process from core technology research and development to graphene heating product production. By establishing a Dezhou production base and using exclusive technology, it strictly controls product quality and ensures production efficiency. In terms of product sales, in addition to direct cooperation with hospitals and other companies, its products are available in online shopping malls, and are sold directly to ordinary consumers. This year, PMA Group will launch a variety of new graphene health physiotherapy products, and will continue to maintain the advantages of product research and development!

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