Graphene Electric Intelligent USB Heating Scarf Washable Soft

R10 graphene soft washable electric intelligent usb heating scarf is a kind of healthy heating product adopting graphene heating film technology, it is not only a electric heating scarf but also a heating wrap in cold season.

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  • Color:

  • Heating Method:

    Graphene heating film
  • Material:

    Regenerated cellulose fiber
  • Color:

  • Size:

    200*60cm / 78*23 inch
  • Input Power:

    DC 5V/1A
  • OEM/ODM:

  • Customizable:

    Color, size, fabric, current, voltage, temperature, logo, packing, etc.
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R10 graphene soft washable electric intelligent usb heating scarf is a kind of healthy heating products equipped with graphene heating module inside, which release the same light wavelength (6~14μm) of human body after electrification, to provice far-infrared warm effect.


Product Name     Graphene Electric Intelligent USB Heating Scarf Washable Soft

Main Material

    60% bamboo fiber+40% viscose
Heating Method
    Graphene electric heating

Temperature Setting

    One button 3-level temperature control


    DC 5V/1A (human safety voltage≤36V)

Weight     390±20g
Product details     Scarf *1, Instruction manual * 1, Cable *1, Hag tag *1, After sales card*1


  • Rapidly heated within 3-5 seconds
  • 6~14μm far-infrared light wave heated
  • 3-level temperature control
  • 99% thermal conversion rate
  • Bamboo fiber, fashionable, comfortable and breathable
  • Washable
  • One scarf, two choices, scarf or shawl


  • Graphene Heating Film Material: Graphene is a revolutionary material in 21st century. Graphene is the world's first 2-dimensional material and is the thinnest, strongest, and most flexible material known to exist. Graphene, a special form of carbon, can conduct electricity and heat better than anything else.
  • Far-infrared Human Life Light Wave Warm Effect: Because of graphene heating film, the graphene soft washable electric intelligent usb heating scarf will release 6-14μm far-infrared human body light waves suitable for human health after being electrified. The far-infrared light wave surrounds the surface of the skin and fits the microcirculation of the human body, which can promote blood circulation and benefit human health.

graphene battery operated neck warmer

If you're tired of bulky outfits, if you want to look chic no matter how cold it gets, then you definitely need a heated scarf. Wearing a heated scarf will keep you warm anytime, anywhere. The simple solid color design of red and gray is fashionable, classic and versatile!

The scarf is built-in graphene heating film. After electricity, it releases 6-14μm far-infrared human body light waves, which goes through the clothes, warm the shoulder and neck, and say goodbye to the cold. An intelligent heating scarf could bring you the warm all the winter.

graphene battery operated neck warmer

The internal carbon atom structure of graphene is hexagonal, honeycomb-shaped, stable in structure, uniform in heat generation, and evenly protects your shoulder and neck.
The unique high thermal conductivity of graphene makes the scarf heat up quickly in 3-5 seconds, and the temperature rises evenly. The heat instantly penetrates the clothes and warms your body.

  • One scarf, two choices, match as you wish
  • Fashion and classic with different styles  
  • Selected bamboo fiber, bring you comfort care

graphene heated scarf battery operated

Bamboo fiber is a kind of recycled cellulose fiber which is fine and soft, with elegant color and drapability. It is fashionable, comfortable and breathable, cold bring you super soft care.

  • Exquisite craftman Follow the fashion
  • Universal USB plug, suitable for multiple occasions
  • Inner pocket, easy to carry power bank
  • Multi-party detection quality authentication

graphene battery operated scarf

It can be used as a heating scarf or heated shawl according to different seasons and different usage scenarios.

1. Connect to USB port of power bank

2. Long press 3 seconds for power on, the default is medium temperature

3. Short press to adjust temperature

  • High: Red light, 48~52℃/118.4~125.6°F
  • Mid: Blue light, 43~47℃/109.4~116.6°F
  • Low: Green light, 38~42℃/100.4~107.6°F

4. Long press 3 seconds for power off


The heated scarf requires external power or mobile power.

1. Power bank

2. Can be connected to ordinary power supply and vehicle power supply, etc.
graphene heated massage scarf


1. Please keep the ports, plugs and other parts dry.

2. Do not spray chemical liquids such as perfume or deodorant on the surface of the scarf.

3. If you need to wash the scarf, please unplug the power cord first, and the washing water temperature should not exceed 30 degrees.

4. Hand wash is recommended, machine wash should be equipped with a net pocket. And don’t soak by any chloride.

5. Hang and dry after washing, do not use any dryer and heater, such as hair dryer.

graphene heating pad scarf

    Note: The display real-time temperature depends on your usage (wear or lay it out flat).


Q1: What is the heating principle of the scarf? Is it harmful to the human body?

A1: A graphene heating film is placed inside the scarf as a heating source, which quickly heats up within 3-5 seconds after power-on, releasing far-infrared light waves of 6-14μm. This light wave has a wavelength similar to that of the human body and is very suitable for human health. And the graphene attached to the polyimide film has the function of absorbing electromagnetic waves, which can attenuate the radiation of computers, electromagnetic waves and other electrical appliances, and can be used with confidence.

Q2: Can the scarf be powered by other power sources?

A2: Yes. The power port of the USB heated scarf is universal USB, which supports notebook power supply, vehicle power supply, mobile power supply and other ways, and the output voltage is 5V, which is safe and convenient.

Q3: Why is the somatosensory temperature of the graphene heating scarf so low that it cannot reach the temperature described on the page?

A3:Different from the single heating function such as hot pack, our graphene heating products pay more attention to the long-term use of physiotherapy and health care.

Q4: Does the graphene heating scarf have to be charged when using it?

A4: All PMA graphene heating products need to be connected to the power supply all the time, and the products themselves have no power storage function. If no heating is required, no charging is required. But if you need the scarf to heat up, you need a USB connection to the power port.

Q5: What power source is used when the scarf is heated?

A5: The battery operated heated scarf is recommended to use a mobile power supply with an output current of 5V2A. In addition to mobile power supplies, chargers such as USB interface plug-in sockets, car power supplies, etc. also can be used. The most compatible current of the power supply is 2A and the voltage is 5V.

Q6: Is the heated usb scarf washable?

A6: Yes. It is recommended to wash by hand, soak the scarf in cold water for 5-10 minutes, use a neutral bath agent, and rub gently. Before washing, please unplug the power cord from the scarf, and dry it in a cool and ventilated place after washing. Do not expose to the sun or use appliances such as hair dryers or other heaters and dryers. Do not spray perfume or other chemical liquids on the surface of the scarf.

All PMA Group Graphene heating products are certificated, like CE, RoHS etc., PMA Group will also supply the required certificates for the customers according to different market demands. The Washable Soft Graphene Electric Intelligent USB Heating Scarf is certificated also.

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