Graphene Heated Intelligent Low Voltage Electric Under Blanket

K-DRT-W1V1 graphene heated intelligent low voltage electric under blanket is a kind of healthy heating product adopting graphene heating film technology, 3 levels temperature control, no radiation, suitable for baby and old people.

  • Item no.:

  • Heating Method:

    Graphene heating film
  • Material:

    Polyester fabric, accept custom
  • Color:

    Gray, accept custom
  • Size:

    Single: 150*80cm/59*31 inch Double: 170*150cm/67*59 inch
  • Input Power:

    AC 24V
  • OEM/ODM:

  • Customizable:

    Color, size, fabric, current, voltage, temperature, logo, packing, etc.
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Work Principle

K-DRT-W1V1 graphene heated intelligent low voltage electric under blanket is a kind of healthy heating products equipped with graphene heating module inside, which release the same light wavelength (6~14μm) of human body after electrification, to provice far-infrared warm effect.


Product Name     Graphene Intelligent Low Voltage Electric Under Blanket            

Main Material

    Polyester/cotton fabric
Heating Method     Graphene electric heating
    Single: 150*80cm / 59*31 inch
    Double: 170*150cm / 67*59 inch

Temperature Setting

    High level: 45~49℃/113~120.2°F
    Middle level: 35~44℃/95~111.2°F
    Low level: 24~34℃/75.2~93.2°F

    Single: 1000g / Double: 1860g


    65W (Single), 120W (Double)

Main Features

  • High-tech graphene heating films built in, heating faster & more evenly
  • Far infrared (FIR) therapy 
  • Large heating areas for the whole body
  • AC 24V low voltage, no radiation, safe to use
  • NTC high-accuracy temperature sensor
  • 3-level temperature control, left/right side controllable separately(king size)
  • 3 level of timing: 1h, 3hs, 9hs
  • APP intelligent control
  • Mite removal mode
  • High-quality multi fabric materials
  • Foldable and machine washable

Product details:

Industry new product heat preservation and hot compress health function

The graphene heating film is arranged according to the distribution of points of the human body. Covers the main points on the back of the human body. When the heating module works, the far infrared raysemit resonance absorption to the human body in the form of plane divergence.The area where the graphene heating film is located is applied to the important points of the human body.

Adjust the temperature to fit the body

The NTC high accuracy temperature sensor is installed on the soft surface of the blanket, which can monitor the body temperature at every time. According to the dynamic PWM algorithm can adjust the temperature of the cover with real time dynamic. Compared with the traditional electric blanket, there is no more dry-heat, makes you hard to get up.

The left and right double zones can be opened and closed separately, and the temperature of the two zones can be adjusted independently at will.

adjust the temperature to fit the body

Intelligent control

Your temperature your choice!

One single electric under blanket, 1 temperature zone, 1 control temperature switch and 3 levels temperature control.

One double electric under blanket, 2 different temperature zones, double control temperature switch, individual temperature control, 3 levels temperature can be switched individually, everyone takes what they want.

The mites will multiply large amount in the quilt when there is no sun, which is easy to cause skin problem. The blanket is set with regular mite removal mode, which can set regular reminders to protect the health of family members at all times. After the "mite removal mode" is turned on, the temperature quickly rises to 113°F,and lasts for 10 minutes until the humidity is lower than 40%, killing mites.

  • Mites remove and cover warm
  • One blanket with multifunction
  • No need to wait for the good weather

mite removal mode of graphene heating blanket

The fashion net control, it's easy for the young group, while for the elders it might be a little difficult. Thus the graphene heating blanket can be controlled through the controller in kind, and switch the temperature of the left/right side separately and rapidly, also with 3 levels timing function of 1h, 3h and 9h, easy to be controlled by the elders who are not familiar with the handy.

  • Separated 3 levels temperature with timing
  • Olders can also control easily


Q1: What is the output voltage of the graphene electric under blanket? DC or AC?

A1: The output voltage of graphene heating electric blanket is DC 24V, but it can be customized.

Q2: Can the graphene heating blanket be washed? Machine Washable?

A2: It makes waterproof process for the electric elements, the graphene electric blanket can be washed by machine. But please remember to remove the controller with cable from the graphene heating blanket firstly.

Q3: What is the advantage of the Graphene heated blanket compared with ordinary ones?

A3: Graphene is of excellent fast heating properties, generating cosy heat with temperature proper to human body, additionally releasing 6-14μm far infrared (FIR) light waves, which can reach deep into the muscle layer, promote blood circulation and relieve fatigue even discomfort. So it is a electric heating product and a physiotherapy product.

Q4: Is it safe to fall asleep but forget to turn off the graphene electric under blanket?

A4:Yes, it is. We have considered this point at the period of design. The graphene heated under blanket can be shut down automatically when you set the timer. It has 3 timing levels: 1 hour, 3 hours and 9 hours. Moreover, due to low voltage/current working, it has overheat protection, no harmful radiation, safe to use.

Q5: How can I control the temperature?

A5: You can turn the graphene electric blanket on/off and adjust the temperature by the equipped controller or conveniently by phone APP. If it is double electric blanket, you and your companion can control the temperature respectively in the left or right zone.

Q6: Is it available to fold the graphene heated blanket for storage?

A6: Yes, it is. Because the heater of the graphene electric blanket is Graphene heating film inside, which is of excellent flexibility, it can be folded for storage.

Q7: Can I control the left or right side of the double electric blanket individually?

A7: Yes. The double electric blanket uses one controller to control the left or right side individually.

Q8: Does the graphene heated under blanket heat the whole blanket or just the middle and bottom?

A8: It heats the whole blanket surface and separate degree for each full side depending what set.

Q9: How about the temperature level?

A9: The default temperature has 3 levels, which are 113~120.2℉(high), 95~111.2℉(mid), 75.2~93.2℉(low), but all the temperatures can be customized according to different markets and different request.

All PMA Group graphene heating products are certificated, like CE, RoHS etc., PMA Group will also supply the required certificates for our customers according to different market demands.

Product Certifications of PMA group

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