About Us

Technical Advantage

  1. Strong design and development ability of graphene heating film - mathematical model based on big data verification
  2. Strong graphene heating film product innovation ability - develop the world's leading cloth-based flexible graphene heating film
  3. • Ultra-light, ultra-thin, ultra-soft
    • Bending and rubbing without abnormal noise
    • Bending resistance 100,000 times
    • Washable 40 times
  4. Rich graphene heating management application technology and product experience
  5. The number of patents ranked first in the industry
  6. Talent advantages & advanced hardware conditions

Production Advantage

  1. Integrated production from raw materials to products, quality is guaranteed
  2. Industry-leading output and good product stability
  3. Advanced equipment, high product quality
  4. Comprehensive and high-level production qualifications

Overall Advantage

Anhui Aerospace & PMA Health Technology Co.,Ltd. integrates R&D, production and sales, has strong comprehensive strength. In addition, the products meet the market demand and have strong competitiveness.

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