• Matthew Hall
    Matthew Hall Jun 21 , 2021
    I have used this product for a few days and I am loving it. It straps to my legs comfortably around my knees and the material is very soft. I like how it feels on my skin. The heat and vibration has helped me a great deal with my knee. It reduced my swelling and I have a better mobility as well in just the first week. I am looking forward to the next few weeks to see how this product will continue...
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  • Nitty's Mom
    Nitty's Mom Jun 21 , 2021
    Honestly, I was skeptical at first but once I felt the vibration and the heat, I knew I made a good buy. The only knock is that it was a bit bulky but it does its job. Also, I thought at first glance that the wire that connects the two wraps was only one piece but if you look closely, you will notice they are two connected pieces.
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  • Deni O'Neil
    Deni O'Neil Jun 21 , 2021
    What a great find. Stumbled across this one night and bought it. It turned out to be fantastic. Not only is it cordless (running off usb pack) it gets pretty hot and lasts for hours. It has three heat settings, red is high, white is medium and blue is low. If you just turn it on it flashes red, stays on high for 5 minutes and then switches to medium. Which is great throw on in the mornings as a he...
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  • 	Erica Wolfe
    Erica Wolfe Jun 21 , 2021
    Very suitable for neck stiffness, easy to use, I wear on the neck before going to bed hot apply is on the shoulder is very comfortable, apply for a while will feel very relaxed, very want to sleep, the second day neck comfortable a lot of not so tight, a lot of convenient than with a hot towel, if who someone have a neck problem ,you can send a gift to them.
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