Smart Electric Heated Protection Gloves

K-ST-A1V2 electric heated protection gloves are upgraded edition of X20 Basic electric heated gloves and using for all seasons. It is suitable for multiful occasions, such as fishing, climbing, and much more other outdoor activities.

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  • Color:

  • Heating Method:

    Resistance heating wires
  • Material:

    Aerogel thermal insulation cotton, hydrolysis-resistant sheep-grain PU, grain leather, TPU
  • Color:

  • Size:

    33*15cm/13*5.9 inch
  • Input Power:

  • OEM/ODM:

  • Customizable:

    Color, size, fabric, current, voltage, temperature, logo, packing, etc.
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K-ST-A1V2 electric heated protection gloves are made of black technical fabric with high thermal insulation performance. And equipped with a 3-level temperature control system and a rechargeable removable battery. The palms of the gloves are made of wearproof and non-slip grained leather, plus the double protection of the inner thickened shock-absorbing material and the outer TPU protective shell, you can ride safely. There is also touch screen operation, forefinger wiper design, waterproof rain and snow, suitable for all seasons and multiple applications.


Product Name     Smart Electric Heated Protection Gloves 

Product Material

    Aerogel thermal insulation cotton, hydrolysis-resistant sheep-grain PU, grain leather, TPU
Heating Method     Resistance heating wires

Temperature Setting 

    High level: 52~60℃ / 125.6~140℉ red light
    Middle level: 42~52℃ / 107.6~125.6℉ orange light 
    Low level: 35~42℃ / 95~107.6℉ white light

Output Voltage 

    DC 5V (Human safety voltage≤36V), safe to use

Color     Black

    Touch screen compatible


  • Dual wrist adjusters
  • Extended part for wrist
  • Selected hydrolysis-resistance sheep-grain PU
  • Silicone light display button
  • 3 temperature levels one key control
  • High-end waterproof zipper
  • Anti-lost design

Product Details

electric hand warmer gloves details

smart electric thermal gloves motorcycle information

Product Information

① Power/temp-control button

② Adjustable band

③ USB connector (invisible)

④ Power bankpocket (invisible)

⑤ Wrist cuff

⑥ Lithiumbattery

⑦ USB port

⑧ Charging port

⑨ Power button

Cushioning System for Joints

Selected Hydrolysis-resistance Sheep-grain PU & Aerogel Material

Cushioning System for Joints of Smart Electric Heated Protection Gloves

Electric lntelligent Heated Protection Gloves

  • 3-levels intelligent temperature control
  • Safety protection
  • Aerogel insulation cotton
  • Large heating area
  • Comfortable breathable
  • Reinforced skidproof
  • Easy operation
  • Drop wear resistant
  • Double waterproof

lntelligent electric hand warmer gloves

About Power Bank

  1. This product is equipped with a coupleof batteries, also applicable to any 5V2A power bank.
  2. Power bank pocket size:10*8.5cm/3.94*6.35 inch, it is recommended to buy a power banksuitable for it.
  3. 2000mAh battery
  4. Battery size: 7.2×4.2×1.3cm / 2.83*1.65*0.51 inch

smart electric heated hand gloves battery 5V2A

Touch screen for any smart device

thermal gloves motorcycle Touch Screen for any smart device

Multiple Applications

Multiple Applications of electric warming gloves

    Note: The display real-time temperature depends on your usage (wear or lay it out flat).


Q1: Will this glove leak electricity while riding in heavy rain?

A1: No, the gloves have a built-in special breathable waterproof membrane to effectively block the infiltration of rain and snow.

Q2: Can I use the power bank for continuous power supply while riding?

A2: Yes. The intelligent heating gloves come standard with a pair of batteries, and can also be used with any 5V2A mobile power supply. The size of the built-in battery pocket in the glove is 10cm/3.9 inches (width) * 8.5cm/3.3 inches (depth), which is inconvenient for larger charging treasures.

Q3: How long can the gloves stay hot? Can the battery be purchased separately?

A3: The battery life of intelligent heating gloves is 2.5-3 hours at low temperature, 2-2.5 hours at medium temperature, and 1.5-2 hours at high temperature. For extended wear, spare batteries can be purchased separately.

Q4: Will my fingertips freeze when I ride with these gloves on?

A4: No, it won't. The intelligent heating gloves expand the heating area, the five fingers and the back of the hand are all heated, so that the battery can be kept warm and greatly improve the performance of the battery. And the selection of aerogel space suit insulation cotton can reflect the external radiant heat energy of the human body back to the human body, so as to achieve the effect of keeping warm and lock the temperature and last longer.

Q5: Can I use this glove to operate my phone in the rain?

A5: Yes. The thermal heated gloves are designed with all-inclusive fingers, which are more precise and wear-resistant, and get rid of the embarrassment of frequent wearing and taking off gloves when using smart devices in bad weather.

Q6: Are these gloves non-slip? How durable is it?

A6: The battery operated heated gloves are made of hydrolysis-resistant sheep grain PU for a firm grip. The palm is added with non-slip microfiber silicone textured leather, multiple tear-resistant fibers are reinforced, wear-resistant and non-slip, and the tiger's mouth is thicker and more wear-resistant.

Q7: Do gloves protect my hands if I fall while riding?

A7: Yes. This glove comes with protective measures, thick soft shell cloth and external TPU shell on the knuckles, which is anti-collision and wear-resistant, and protects the hands.


All PMA Group Graphene heating products are certificated, like CE, RoHS etc., PMA Group will also supply the required certificates for the customers according to different market demands.

Certifications of PMA Graphene heating products

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