Dreaming Dezhou PMA Group Set Up a Graphene Industrial Park Apr 23 , 2020

On the morning of April 23, Dezhou City "Dreaming Dezhou" Investment Promotion Meeting and Project Signing Event was held. This promotion meeting helped to promote the establishment of the PMA Graphene Industrial Park and other projects in Dezhou.

The establishment of Graphene Application Industrial Park cannot be separated from the mature market experience and advanced technical support of PMA, as well as the open and friendly policy environment of Dezhou. As a pilot area of innovation and technology, Graphene Application Industrial Park plays an important role in promoting the resumption of work and production in Dezhou and pulling up the economy.

The Chairman of PMA Group Danny Pan made a keynote speech. He analyzed in detail the development prospects of the graphene market, as well as the development and exploration of the graphene industry by PMA Group.

As a new type of material, how to find a way in industrialization is a problem facing the whole industry. Nearly 90% enterprises are in material production, which is the upstream industry of graphene. The industrialization rate of direct users is low, and most of the whole industry is at a loss, because no profitable large-scale application direction has been found.Therefore, Danny Pan resigned as the president of the listed company and began to devote himself to the research and promotion of the graphene industry.

Since the beginning of 2008, PMA has entered the application field of graphene materials. After 12 years of research and exploration, PMA has transformed the radiation-resistant application of graphene into the direction of thermal and conductive applications.In 2018, PMA graphene products experienced explosive growth in the market, with sales exceeding 60 million yuan. In 2019, the company maintained a sustained high growth, and has started the IPO coaching project. In 2020, in the Novel Coronavirus on the national economy caused a serious impact on the situation, the company's sales in the first quarter is still strong growth of more than 25%, the product is in a state of short supply. By 2020, PMA has made considerable development and great progress, and has reached strategic cooperation agreements with many listed companies such as Xiaomi Youpin, Yunnan Baiyao, BMW China, Gotion High-Tech, Honggao Creative. In the past three years, the sales volume of graphene products has reached hundreds of millions, covering more than ten countries at home and abroad.

With mature experience in graphene technology research and development, under the guidance and assistance of Dezhou Municipal Committee and Government, PMA Group is bound to promote the rapid settlement of the graphene industrial park in Dezhou, which will stimulate the growth of economy and employment in Dezhou. Let's achieve a win-win situation together!
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