PMA Group Has Launched A New Brand KULAX Mar 25 , 2020

Recently, Anhui Aerospace & PMA Health Technology Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as "PMA Group") launched a new brand "KULAX", aiming to respond to the Chinese people's attention and pursuit of their own health with the continuous improvement of living standards.

Thanks to the national support to graphene industry spared no effort in the past decade, PMA Group has devoted itself to research and development, accumulated a large number of patented technologies in the field of graphene absorbing shielding and graphene far-infrared heating, and rapidly grown into a leading enterprise in the research, development, production and application of graphene heating film ranked among the top in China. As the foundation of our existence, graphene not only carries the extraordinary development process of 14 years, but also carries the growing user resources and brand influence of PMA Group.

With the continuous improvement of domestic consumption level, the rapid economic development is bound to be a double-edged sword. The pace of life is getting faster and faster, the work pressure is high, coupled with staying up late, people live a seemingly decent life but also have to pay the corresponding price with the body, so that most young people began to pay attention to the health therapy.

PMA Group realized, and social development forward continuously, the sub-health people cannot avoid, occupational diseases caused by work also more and more common. So for now, people need the industry to help with some diseases, using the graphene far infrared heat therapy features realize new breakthrough of product technology, and let more people enjoy the high quality health services. To this end, to create a healthy and comfortable life of "KULAX" arises at the historic moment.

At the point of the brand name, the meaning of "KULAX" is to use cutting-edge technology to bring "fascinating and cool" experience and "relaxing" lifestyle to consumers. And through science and technology forward-looking and future consumption concept to develop intelligent and user-friendly products, so that users get greatest physiological and psychological satisfaction at the same time, redefine the real value of "comfort".

Although it is a totally new brand, it still has the excellent operation team and scientific research personnel of PMA Group. With their experience in the fields of e-commerce operation, product development, graphene research and development and application, "KULAX" is bound to become a leader in the field of wide health.

More importantly, people have more and more disposable income in their hands, and the pursuit of high-quality life has clearly become a new consumption trend. Therefore, under the trend of consumption upgrading, KULAX has always been constantly innovating around consumer demand, creating a new level of comfort for users and guiding a totally new lifestyle.

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