The difference between graphene heating film and resistance wire heating film Aug 10 , 2022

There are many kinds of heating film on the market, the consumers do not know how to choose. Today, we will introduce the difference between graphene heating film and resistance wire heating film.

Resistance wire heating film

The traditional resistance wire heating film is to add resistance wire inside insulation material, thus, after the electricity is applied, the electric current passing through the resistance wire and generates heat. This phenomenon is the thermal effect of electric current.

However, the disadvantage of the resistance wire heating film is that the heating speed is slow, the heating temperature can not reach a high value, the heat dissipation speed is fast after the power failure, so now the resistance wire heating film products have been gradually obsoleted by the market.

Graphene heating film

Graphene heating film is a flexible film of pure carbon atoms without doping other substances in all electric heating films. It has the advantages of rapid heating, safety and stability, intelligent control and energy saving, uniform heat dissipation, better performance and wider use.

Graphene heating film is the thinnest,hardest and best heat conduction material so far, better than other carbon fiber or other traditional heaters, 99% heat conversion, fast heating in 3s, generating cosy and even heat, without radiation.

While electrified,graphene will release a kind of far infrared light waves, which can penetrate deeply into muscles, joints and other parts of the body to promoteblood circulation, to achieve the effect of relieving pain and relaxing muscles. It is widely used in various industries currently.

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