Why use Graphene Heating Films for the product? Sep 29 , 2022

Recently PMA Group was interviewed by High-tech R&D team in Hefei, Anhui for choosing Graphene material to applied in all kinds of product. Just have a look at all kinds of Graphene heating product in PMA Group, such as Graphene heating waist and Graphene heating vest. Why we choose? As many researches in ACS Publications, Graphene is a high performance material, highly Thermally Conductive Fluorinated Graphene Films with Superior Electrical Insulation and Mechanical Flexibility.

Graphene-based heat-spreading films have captured high attention in academic study and commercial applications because of their extremely high thermal conductivity and desired flexibility. However, the electrical conductivity limits their utilizations in many electronic fields. Herein, to address this problem, fluorinated graphene (F-graphene) that is exfoliated from commercial fluorinated graphite was first used to prepare the flexible free-standing composite film via vacuum filtration of uniform poly(vinyl alcohol)-assisted F-graphene suspension. The well-organized alignment of F-graphene lamellas makes the composite film show an ultrahigh in-plane thermal conductivity of 61.3 W m–1 K–1 at 93 wt % F-graphene. Despite at such high filler loading, the fabricated F-graphene film still possesses a superior electrical insulation property. Therefore, these results suggest that F-graphene, as the novel thermally conductive filler, demonstrates fascinating characters in the preparation of a thermally conductive yet electrically insulating nanocomposite.

Welcome to select Graphene heating products in PMA Group!

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